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June 2020 by Mayumi Takadanobaba

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Solar Fire Drum by ABC Solar Incorporated and Bradley Bartz

Takayama Site Visit 10 28 29 2013

Fort George Niagara on the Lake Ontario Canada 2017

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MV Solar Grid Tie and Solar Thermal featuring SolarWorld and Heliodyne by ABC Solar


Sunday Sunday Sun
Sunday Sunday Sunday Sun
Sunday Sunday Sun...

ah haru haru
Ňćinaru kana haru
to un nun...

something delicate
Feelings fly as love soars high
beautifully wrong...

Slap that bitch now
Here puppy puppy your cute
My cat is my voice...

ajisai ya
yabu o ko niwa no
betsu zashiki...

ta ichi mai
uete tachisaru
yanagi kana...